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Tuesday, December 8 2009

Food for thought, from Foreign Policy's Passport

  • Percentage of Americans who believe in angels: 55
  • Percentage of Americans who believe in evolution: 39
  • Percentage of Americans who believe in anthropogenic global warming: 36
  • Percentage of Americans who believe in ghosts: 34
  • Percentage of Americans who believe in UFOs: 34

via Boon

Tuesday, December 1 2009

New York destroyed...again, and again, and again

Wednesday, November 25 2009

The Muppets perform Bohemian Rhapsody


Tuesday, November 17 2009

No, the world will not end in 2012

NASA to the rescue!

Tuesday, November 10 2009

The Framers on the Framers

Deputy Solicitor General Neal Katyal is in this case on the side of the prosecutors. He says Harrington and McGhee are asking this court "to announce for first time ever that there is a free-standing due process right not to be framed." (Founding Fathers. Rolling. Graves.) Justice Stephen Breyer objects to this framing of the issue, saying "there is no free-standing right. There is just a right not to convict a person with made-up evidence."

Friday, October 9 2009

The 50 Best Pun Stores

Monday, August 24 2009

High-speed Robot Hand

It can throw, catch, dribble, and contact juggle a pen.

Wednesday, August 19 2009

Barney Frank is the MAN!

Monday, July 27 2009

Maru, the Packing Kitty

Thanks, Ms. Crochety & Eliza!

Saturday, July 25 2009

Nao and Zen: Security Koans for Everybody

Layer 8's wit & wisdom.

Wednesday, July 15 2009

Old Jews Telling Jokes

Okay, I've seen 5, and 4 were excellent. Subscribed!

Monday, July 6 2009

Unicellular "Enigma" Changes from Predator to Plant and Back

A truly bizarre lifecycle: Hatena ('enigma') produces two offspring: an alga and single-celled 'predator'. If the predator form eats one of the photosynthetic form, they transform into a new form, which can now produce two more offspring...

Thursday, June 18 2009

Tweemap is fun.

Tuesday, June 16 2009

Jeremy's Extreme Ford Fiesta road test

I do love the BBC, although not previously for Top Gear.

Friday, May 22 2009

Warp 11

Warp 11 is a timely gag bad: hard-rocking Trekkies. They're a bit juvenile, but I've enjoyed the video and few songs I've listened to. Considering the number of Trek fans I know, they should do fine.

Monday, May 11 2009

Awkward Family Photos FTW! (thanks, Jeff!)


Sunday, May 10 2009

Nice iTunes Store Links

This is very handy

For multi-word names, just append them together, e.g., (which is fun but hard to control).

Monday, May 4 2009

Wolf & Pig animation

Wednesday, April 29 2009

Fear a high school reunion? Hire a stripper

It's so funny, but also somewhat cruel to her classmates -- who were secretly recorded being suckered by her own (proxied) inappropriate behavior.

Tuesday, April 28 2009

Creeptastic: Michael Jackson Auction

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